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About You and Your Company  

What is your company's primary business?



Heavy Construction Contractor: contractors primarily engaged in construction of highways, streets, roads, overpasses or airports; site preparation; underground construction; paving; excavataing; marine construction; demolition; utilities or construction projects other than building erection.


Building Construction Contractor: contractors primarily engaged in construction of non-residential buildings.


Residential Contractor



Materials Producer : sand, gravel, stone, cement, ready-mix


Government: federal, state, county, local




Utility Company


Industrial or Manufacturing or Landfill




Scrap Metal Production


Equipment Rental

Other Business  


Other: please describe 


Which types of equipment are you involved in the purchase or rental of?  (check all that apply)


Earthmoving, excavating or grading  


Paving or compaction


Materials production (crushers, screens, grinders)


Lifting or hoisting (cranes, lift trucks, hoists, derricks)


Trucking or hauling (trucks, trailers, haulers, bodies)


Maintenance or repair (welders, lubricants)


Light equipment (compressors, pumps, generators, lighting)


Attachments (breakers, buckets)


Safety or security


Construction materials (aggregate, cement, steel, pipe)


Parts, components or accessories (engines, transmissions, hydraulics)


None of the above


Which types of activities is your firm engaged in? (check all that apply)


Earthmoving, excavation, grading


Paving or compaction ( planing, profiling, rehabilitation, maintenance)




Site preparation


Drilling or blasting


Concrete forming and placing


Lifting or placing




Materials Production (aggregate, sand, gravel)


Materials handling


Trucking or hauling


Equipment rental


Utility installation or repair (pipeling, trenching, boring


None of the above


What is the replacement value of your company's fleet of construction equipment and trucks?

More than $25 million


$500,001 to $1 million

$10 million to $25 million


$100,001 to $500,000

$5 million to $10 million



$100,000 or less

$1 million to $5 million





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